Air Conditioning FAQs


A few of the most frequently asked questions

Check your filter once a month. If you hold it up to light and you can easily see through it, you can probably keep it for another month. 30 to 90 days between changes is normal for most homes.

A clogged drain line is the most common cause for water to overflow the drain pan and drip onto the floor. If you have a Wet/Dry Vac you can use it to clear the drain line from outside where the drain terminates. This is typically near the outdoor unit.

Most digital thermostats have batteries. They should be changed once each year. If your thermostat has batteries and they have not been changed during the past year your thermostat may operate abnormally or not at all.

To minimize energy use while still controlling humidity in your home you should set the thermostat for “Cool” and the temperature at 82F to 85F. The Fan should always be set to “Auto”

A humidistat allows the A/C to run only after humidity exceeds the set point you have set. A thermostat allows the A/C to run only after the temperature exceeds the set point you have set.

Your A/C was designed to maintain the optimal humidity level for your comfort as a function of controlling the temperature in the cooling mode. So, if you are not away during the summer, you do not need to use your humidistat. Leave it set to “ON” (for most installations, but a few are wired to be set to “OFF” when not in use)

If you leave for the summer, you can simply not use your humidistat and adjust your thermostat for 80F to 85F, your preference, and the humidity and temperature will be controlled all summer.

If you want to use the humidistat, set it to 60 and set the thermostat to 80F. This may save a few dollars on your monthly energy costs. The temperature in your home may exceed 80F but the humidity should not go above 60%

Turn the “System” to “OFF” to allow the ice to melt. Turning the “Fan” to “ON” may speed the melting. It may take one to four hours for the ice to completely melt.

If the filter was very dirty, it may have caused the ice to form due to a lack of air flow over the evaporator coil. In that case, after the ice is completely melted and the dirty filter is changed, your system may work normally again.

Other factors that may cause ice include low refrigerant (Freon) or electrical problems.

All manufacturers recommend that their equipment be serviced a minimum of once a year. The cooling season in Florida is quite long and therefore we recommend a twice a year service as best in order to maintain the best indoor air quality, maximize equipment life and minimize energy cost.

The charge to come to you home, diagnose the problem and give you an estimate for repair is $87. If we make the repair, we waive this charge.

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