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Our customers should also ask about our service contract. When a customer signs a service contract with us, he or she is entitled to twice yearly maintenance and troubleshooting, all at a discount. The customer also has priority in case of emergencies.

Very few things are more frustrating than to try turn on the air conditioning on a hot day and nothing much happens.

Steve Smith Air Conditioning repair technicians are licensed, insured and certified and pride themselves on the quality of their work as well as the state-of-the-art quality of their equipment. We insist that they are always up-to-date on the latest technologies when it comes to air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation. This way, they not only educate our customers and help them to save money but can pass along knowledge to air conditioning manufacturers to help them build a better product.

Along with our high standards of workmanship, Steve Smith Air Conditioning repair service company gives our customers a free estimate and we guarantee our parts and labor.

Our professionals are always tidy and courteous and do a thorough job. It doesn’t matter if the job is recharging refrigerant, cleaning out the ductwork or condensation unit or changing a filter. It also doesn’t matter if the customer has one room unit or two or central air conditioning. Our workers also never leave a mess behind for the customer to clean up.

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